July 20, 2021 | Hundreds of wildfires are burning across Canada, putting thousands of people at risk, and it’s getting harder to fight them. Athletes may be excited about the opening of the Olympics, but residents are more worried the event will become a superspreader event. Plus, billionaire Jeff Bezos took a short space flight, but what does it mean for the general public?
00:00 The National for July 20, 2021
01:00 B.C. declares wildfire state of emergency
01:38 Fast-growing wildfire near Osoyoos, B.C.
04:19 Wildfires threaten Manitoba First Nations
06:34 Firefighting resources stretched thin by wildfires
09:04 Severe thunderstorms in Ottawa
09:49 Rise in domestic violence during the pandemic
12:07 Eid Mubarak celebrations across Canada
12:34 Officials remind that mixing vaccines is safe
12:53 COVID-19 cases on the rise in the U.S.
14:23 Thrill of Olympic competition vs. COVID-19 anxiety
17:48 Norwegian handball team fined for wearing shorts
18:16 Jeff Bezos makes historic spaceflight
21:22 Torrential rains flood parts of central China
21:42 Haiti’s new prime minister faces daunting job
24:27 Billionaire space race: what's the benefit?
31:30 India’s COVID-19 deaths could be in the millions
33:54 2nd sailor on HMCS Halifax has COVID-19
34:33 Doctor's invention helps COVID-19 patients, nurses
40:10 Tokyo 2020: Mountain biker Haley Smith
43:05 The Moment
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