At their grandmother’s enchanted home, Kyle and Evie discover there are fairies trapped in a gold mine underground and struggle against the town’s hostility to free them.
Two children discover that fairies are trapped in an old gold mine that they have inherited from their grandmother. They are torn between the hostility of the local villagers who believe the fairies to be evil, and the hope that they will save their father from a terminal illness. This film is a story of prejudice, hope and perseverance, with the fairies created by stunning computer animation and effects combined with live action.
Directed by Paul Matthews
Writers: Christopher Atkins, Paul Matthews
Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Malcolm McDowell, Glynis Barber, Jameson Baltes
Corbin Bernsen as Rob Preston
Glynis Barber as Nancy Preston
Jameson Baltes as Kyle Preston
Brittney Bomann as Evie
Malcolm McDowell as Ian
Leigh Greyvenstein as Tumbeleen
Anne Curteis as Elizabeth Ballaugh